t have to bully her.

  But this assumption does not hold, Nguyen rain raised plump body can fully rely on Ruanguo Hua Fang Xiulan and both husband and wife work hard in the county, she can not do this insatiable.
  Fang Xiulan do not know how long they have not felt their own daughter Ruyan small forest北京SPA会所 hold the same cast, awkward girl so affectionate, so that a trace of her tired also dissipated clean, she said softly, “Mom would like you!”
  Ruan Guohua carrying half a catty little braised pork, stood Qing Ke loudly, “Well, how old are also spoiled.”
  Ruan Guohua absolutely do not recognize that he is jealous!
  But before 苏州龙凤网the girl’s favorite, and his affectionate!
  Nguyen rain one, she was holding Ruan Guohua shoulders shook, proud, “Dad, I earned a pennant heroic rescue it!”
  She said the word went, followed by a few words out of the back of Ruan Zhiwen morning to shake things clean.
  Ruan Guohua that the hearts ah!Sixes and sevens, at the end, do not know whether to be angry or proud of this, he pounded his desk, “It’s too far forests home!”
  Fang Xiulan a look in the past, Ruan Guohua suddenly stalled, aggrieved complain, “wife, forests home to bully our daughter!”
  ”I know!”Fang Xiulan gentle dough, but if look in her eyes, you know, Fang Xiulan angry, or angry.
  She touched Nguyen rain ear, “Our family wronged rain!”She did not say to Nguyen rain revenge, then, because she was too talented daughter, direct avenged himself.
  But when their杭州夜网论坛 parents can not give their own children to drag.
  Ruan Fang Xiulan rain arm around the neck, grinning Road, “not wronged!”I paused, and added,” I wronged people who have been punished yet!”
  ”Indeed my daughter Ruan Guohua!”Ruan Guohua laughed.
  Fang Xiulan stare Ruan Guohua, also when the father of it!Girl have been so much wronged, did not come in with a little.
  Ruan Guohua Samsam touched his nose.
  Silently forests gave an account of the home in mind, a time to count!
  He raised a hand carrying half a catty braised pork and