indeed regarded as delicious – but that is the level of ordinary small restaurant, steaming cauldron of fire out of use, the material used was so fresh and full, which will be unpalatable to where to go?Can you really want and what food hall ratio, it may go away.

  ”Well.First confidentiality.”Pei Naochun pretending to be mysterious, made a hush gesture,” 北京夜网At that time my father and so business is good, you come to dinner!”
  ”Which need good business, just any time I have come.”
  ”And, so on my shop to do it, I’ll send soup to son!”He noticed her daughter’s face some uncomfortable moment, staring eyes,” Of course, your dad is sure to give it a try, and if you think I cooked not, I will not give up!”
  He lowered the sound, like the unhappy: “Not for you, every day, worried about what the Sovereign tired lost.”
  ”Dad, I know you’re good for me.”Pei Daijun busy coaxed the older smaller up dad,” do not mind, what would dislike it?To tell you the last time I like to drink soup Sovereign.”
  ”I have told you, and I’m not Baihun, what Michelin, net red gourmet shop on the outside, I more than you eat, learned a lot of powerful craft it!”Pei Naochun eyebrow, glanced at her,” You do not think I 都市体验网go out to play so many years, on a single play?”
  .She really think so, Pei Dai Jun little embarrassed: “Well, time to go see my father to show its mettle, becoming the CBD star gourmet shop.”Also, my father always such years are on the outside, said the ancients who do three days, with admiration, and she i杭州夜网s not a child, like, every day, with parents in one, which know my father suddenly willing to devote themselves to the study of food it?
  Think of it, she is suddenly a heart pumping, yes ah, my mother left, she changed a lot, not to mention the father of it?
  ”Dai Jun, you’re not okay?”Shengjun Hao go out for good clothes, shirt buttons are tied, said that men thirty-one flowers on him, not really exaggerating, keeping his body well, no small pot, perennial high positions, career s