uccess , temperament or, today is the weekend, he was rarely at home, together with his wife intend to accompany her mother to the hospital for a trip Sheng.

  ”Go Dai Jun, you get busy, there is this thing Dad.”Pei Naochun hear a familiar voice, do not delay, waved, hung up the phone.
  ”Well, here it comes.”Pei Dai Jun has always been up early, although she did not go to work, but as long as her husband at home, she must and he ate breakfast together, after all, the couple together from many, she cherished every moment of opportunity to get together.
  ”Well go.”Shengjun Hao glanced at the time, in fact too late, but he got used to everything in his own time, as long as he is ready, and so all of the surrounding, you have everything you need.
  ”and many more.”Shengju深圳桑拿网n Hao Pei Daijun hands on hands, she slightly tiptoe carefully for each other the whole position of the tie,” a little tight.”After adjusting well, she nodded with satisfaction.
  ”.Ok.”Shengjun Hao go out, just close to his wife, he could smell each other and familiar smell – that now is a clear light, not pungent and refreshing aroma of orange, mingled with a faint little vegetation tailwater, both in the year together, he gave his wife the first bottle of perfume is this, when he said that he felt that with her taste, she has been used now, fromTo not turn over.
  She will never understand the principle Shengjun Hao hand stuck in the pocket, she lived in the past, but he has come to the future, once refreshing aroma, smell has now vulgar, even downright annoying, when a plan should look to the fresh beautiful face, now how many points lost collagen, there is no longer a young appearance, who always stays the same it?Anyway, he can not.
  Pei Dai Jun took the hand bag, trotting to catch up with her husband, the habit of hanging on her husband’s hand, she looked at the road, the other side did not pay attention a little strange expression: “My dad just called me to the.”
  ”How a father?”He casually ask上海夜网ed, h