Beijing managing the pilot implementation of electronic toll road side parking has a variety of payment methods

Reporters learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, to ease traffic congestion, road side parking order management and standardize the roadside parking, according to "parking into place, regulate the fees, the money people separated, illegally parked punished" the idea of the city of six districts in the city and a total of 37 pilot segment 4086 Tongzhou area roadside parking street parking installation the head-end electronic toll。 As reported to the municipal government consent, since at 0:26 on December 2017 SSE introduced electronic pilot road side parking, in principle, about the time the pilot year。 Variety of payment methods, this pilot is more convenient self-service payment using video piles, and high geomagnetic video three kinds of parking testing equipment, sensing vehicle access, retention vehicle pictures, and real-time transmission of information related to municipal platform, unified computing and parking time cost, to achieve the city's unified electronic timing charges。
In the six districts of the city and the brightest electronic toll collection pilot road side parking Tongzhou District, in principle, people need to stop the use of electronic payment methods, no longer used cash payment。 Parking may, mobile application market Download "Beijing traffic" APP, use the "street parking" feature, registered users, after binding common vehicle through Paypal, micro-channel two kinds of payment to complete self-service payment, for non-registered user, you can enter the vehicle license plate APP retrieve order, paid for by themselves; or administrator please stop using the handheld terminal charges by paying a treasure, micro-letters, municipal transportation cards, electronic toll collection cards), five kinds of bank card payment to complete the electronic payment (; or set to use self-service payment terminals on the pedestrian trails, through Paypal, micro-letters, municipal transportation card card card electronic toll collection (ETC) four kinds of payment to complete the electronic payment。
The parking people do need to use a cash, cash to the parking will park administrator, site supervision and the use of electronic payment methods parking administrator paying parking fees via handheld terminal charges。 Parking should be noted that retention payment instruments。 Payment information will be filed in the electronic billing platform record。 Electronic toll road no longer issue paper invoices to stop people, all using electronic invoicing。
People may stop using the "Beijing traffic" APP after obtaining payment of electronic invoices; fees may also be hand-held terminal or roadside after the self-service payment terminals payment, print "parking charge notice", access to electronic invoices by scanning the parking administrator。
During the pilot period, the payment behavior of errant parking information into the electronic toll road side parking platform。
Key implement this pilot electronic toll payment electronic new way, a way to change from a cash fee for the electronic toll。 In the coming year, a number of possible technical and service questions, please the general public to understand, and can be feedback by monitoring telephone or "Beijing traffic" APP on charges bulletin boards, two downtown parking management department will sort out in time various problems and suggestions to continuously improve the technology and services to enhance roadside parking management and scientific level of refinement。 During the pilot electronic toll road side parking, parking fees, temporary parking mode residential areas have been using the city's current policy execution。
(Beijing Evening News)。