Cheetah Fu Sheng Lei Jun, who joint cross-border, unexpected robot to come

  Fu Sheng Lei Jun cheetah joint, Zhang Ying, Yao Jinbo cross-border, unexpected robot to come March 20 when we talk about electric robot, also a year of "man-machine war" memorable, AlphaGoZero long overwhelmingly 100 to 0 victory Go community of budding machine God。 These moves seem cool but in reality tasteless machines "people", and can not play the role of the convenience and benefit in real life。
  This time, the movement of cross-border joint chiefs cheetah Lei Jun, Zhang Ying, Yao Jinbo and other Internet laps and investment circles, decided to lead a "machine", redefining the robotics industry, so that the robot into the real human life!  Reportedly, these joint move by the cheetah each of the four chiefs together to build robots are the following functions: reception, accompanied, trafficking and make coffee, support for real-life scenarios corresponding to the real machine in water for 1 day Cube officially announced。
Curtain robot feast opened around the corner, as well as those of the first machine-made robot's owner, bigwigs have to cheetah mobile robot platform testimony。   Lei Jun Internet circles, Yao Jinbo, Fu Sheng Zhang Ying and investment circles, have affirmed the "landing" the value of practical robots:。