Bronchitis what to eat good diet help you from illness

Ate bronchitis is a very common form of inflammation, such as it is often accompanied by some other appear together, is a very grueling illness。
So if suffering from bronchitis what to eat good network on the following night to tell us something about bronchitis what to eat, so help you from illness!Bronchitis 1 diet, selection of Tremella 10 grams, 10 grams of black fungus, 30 g hair with warm water, washed with rock sugar into the bowl, add water, distilled steamer 3 hours Serve。
Every 2?3 tablespoons three times a day, can yin and kidney, lungs and cough。2, 2 can be opened into the pot, Zhashu with sesame oil, vinegar cook, morning and evening one can eat。
After 35,000 g of flesh and peeled, cut into 1 cm square size, adding 1500 g of sugar mix, sealed into the jar, to be taken when eaten sizing。
Daily morning and evening on an empty stomach。
About 100 grams per half-cup, light weight summer and winter service of cough and asthma particularly effective。
4, 25 g peeled chestnuts, 500 Kocse thin pieces, add salt, ginger, a little lobster sauce, cooking overripe, sub-ton consumption。5, jellyfish 90 grams, white radish 30?50 grams of salt taste to the jellyfish washed, white radish cut into filaments, a mixture of both, add water 300?600 ml, boil 150?200 ml。Per 20 ml, 2 times a day taking。
The remaining jellyfish, radish, stir in sugar to take to enhance the effect。
This only prevention of chronic bronchitis。
6, an old hen to the hair, gutted washed, and then go to pharmacies to buy 20 grams, 50 grams and the amount of sugar and chicken into the casserole, add boiling water to the cooked chicken, 1 day sooner or later。
Chicken soup to eat, remember to drink hot soup, one week after eating, ate half。
Should start taking time, can prevent the recurrence of chronic bronchitis。
7 ate bronchitis, turnip piece, ginger pieces, the amount of pear slices, decoction clothes free。
You can Jianpixiaoshi warm in the cold, lungs and asthma, cough and phlegm, for the treatment of bronchitis。8,20 head, 100G lean pork, salt, soy sauce, the amount。
Garlic peeled, sliced pork, pork on Wang pot hot oil stir-fry, the garlic Zaichao moment, then add spices Serve slightly fried, often adorned with。Cough and phlegm。For the treatment of bronchitis。
9, orange cake 30G, garlic chopped, decoction taken orally。Can Spleen, warm the lung and cold, cough and phlegm。For the treatment of bronchitis。10, (e.g., etc.) the 15g, 2 eggs。
The scrub clean shell, the casserole together with the tea leaves and water bowls of boiling 2, eggs cooked peeled cook, dry eggs during boiling。
You can cough and asthma。
For the treatment of bronchitis, cough,。For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。