Radish listing, doctor at the city, so rich in radish efficacy (1)

  In ancient times there: "listing, doctor at the city; winter to eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang, throughout the year ensure well-being" and other phrases。Back in the "Book of Songs" in there records on radish。It can be used for making dishes, fried, boiled, cold is superb; but also as raw fruit, delicious; also with pickles, pickled pickles。Radish nutritious, good food, medical value。
  And the role of white treat gastrointestinal diseases food product bloating, indigestion, poor appetite, can drink raw Daozhi; nausea, vomiting acidic water pan, chronic diarrhea, can be chopped honey fried thin chewing and swallowing; constipation, possible cooking; oral ulcers, mouth can Daozhi。  White on the role of cough and sputum, the best chopped honey fried thin chewing and swallowing; pharyngitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness, aphonia, ginger can Daozhi with the same service; nose bleeding, can be a little hot wine and raw Daozhi service, may also be intranasal Daozhi; hemoptysis, and lamb, fish cook cooked; prevention of colds, can cook。
  White urinary calculi, urination various urinary system, honey-roasted slices of orally available; various edema, administration can be used with floating wheat decoction。  Other white: beauty, cooking can; beriberi, outer decoction to wash; detoxification, hangover or gas poisoning, the available, or leaf decoction juice drink; through the joints, can be cooked with。  Know the role of white and there are so many, but the night network to remind you that white is not suitable for spleen and stomach, such as stool, should reduce the use, there is noteworthy that not eat when taking ginseng tonic this product, so as not to affect the efficacy。