Pigment dyed fish market Jing Xian, Guangzhou correspondent unannounced visits to expose the truth (1)

  As the saying goes, "no not a feast of chicken, no fish, not a seat.".This is an old broad who cognitive convention, talking about "no fish, not a seat" in the "fish" Guangdong people can pay attention to the large, and to tender and sweet, color, flavor and should be readily available。Recently, a neighborhood in the markets, however, will fade even discovered a fish。This fish has a red appearance, gently touched, the hands are red。
The fish commonly known as the "three Su redfish" is generally used to make the well-known dishes Chaoshan – redfish meal。
  As the saying goes, "no not a feast of chicken, no fish, not a seat.".That is why a cognitive old broad who fish the convention it will fade this reporter did a small experiment, after an hour of soaking, and after comparing water found soaked fish showing a clear red water。
true!Fall!color!The!  Traders with a pigment to color the fish according to the writer who gives clues, the reporter came to the place for fish coloring。I saw in the cottage on the ground placed more than a dozen boxes of fish, several workers are holding a brush, the red "dye" continue to apply to fish。
Over time, these workers will be dyed red fish placed on a cart, and sent up a stall in the fish market in Guangzhou。After asking that the workers then in the redfish body brush with red pigment again in order to sell better, and this is the same with food coloring pigment used on the cake。
Carmine pigment, is prohibited in the aquatic add it really is like a cake of food coloring in the end is to find out what they are using pigments reporter bought a basket of sample submission and then do not check do not know a check scare hop。
After testing found that samples submitted found a synthetic pigment Carmine。
  The workers then in the redfish body brush again with the red pigment in order to sell better what is "Carmine" Carmine as a food coloring can be used for fruit juice beverages, preparation of wine, carbonated drinks, candy, cakes, ice cream, yogurt and other food products coloration。Synthesis of carmine dye in the process may be contaminated arsenic, lead, copper, phenol, aniline, diethyl ether, chloride, and other substances, will cause potential harm to human。And clearly defined national standards for meat products, aquatic products are not allowed to add synthetic coloring carmine which can not help worrying。If we eat this fish, which the body will cause any harm it According to reports, this synthetic colors easily induced poisoning, diarrhea and other problems, cause some impact on the body's metabolism, especially in terms of affecting the liver。The management side of the fish market in Guangzhou, said that no detections carmine, and had not received reports。
  Artificial additives on the human body goes without saying, I hope the relevant departments to pay attention。
Read this "stain fish" DV-chun says horrifying。If the neighbors do not care to buy this "dyed fish", or do not eat is wonderful!。