Massage method for healthy growth of premature babies

Massage method for healthy growth of premature babies

Touching is to give appropriate stimulation to brain cells and nervous system during the critical period of infant brain development, to promote infant nervous system development, thereby promoting growth and intelligent development.

The gentle caressing of the child and the contact between multiple skins is a transfer of love.

For premature babies, touching is one of the factors that promotes the healthy growth of the baby.

Babies can touch the fragility of premature babies as soon as possible by touching them, and look as fat as full-term babies.

  First, massage for premature babies-touching. Place the child in a supine position in a fully naked state, and point it at the head and face, tibia, tibia, lower limbs and upper limbs. Touch each part 2?
3 times.


The thumbs of the right hands slide vertically from the center of the forehead and eyebrows, and the thumbs of the two hands slide outward from the center of the forehead, making the upper and lower lips smile.And stopped at the mastoid process behind both ears, gently blocking.


The top two hands are gently massaged from the outside of the front chest to the opposite shoulders to avoid opening the nipples of the newborn.


For abdominal food, the middle finger moves from the right lower abdomen to the upper abdomen of the newborn and then to the left lower abdomen, drawing a semicircle clockwise to avoid opening the newborn’s umbilicus.

This method can begin to massage during the neonatal period, but do not massage until the umbilical cord is reset.


Grasp the arms of premature infants with both hands, from shoulders to wrists, and squeeze gently from top to bottom, squeezing and squeezing like milk, while rubbing large muscle groups and joints.

Same for lower limbs and upper limbs.


Push the thumbs of both hands and feet from the root side of the palm surface to the finger side in sequence, and lift each finger joint, the feet and the hands are the same.


The baby in the back is in a prone position, and the palms of the spine slide from the center to the sides of the spine, and the four fingers are separated, and massage is performed from the shoulder to the oblique direction along the spine.

  Second, when and where you can touch 1.

Time to touch the premature baby 24 hours after birth, touch him 3 times a day, 15 minutes each time.

During hospitalization, massages will be operated by professionals equipped in the hospital; after discharge, they can be operated by parents.

Touch should be chosen after the child is fed 1?
Do this during 2 hours of sobriety. Do not choose before or after breastfeeding, because touching after breastfeeding may cause vomiting; and when you want to sleep, it may easily cause your child’s irritability, focus attention, and the effect will not be good.

The time of stroking may not be fixed. Parents can do it according to the breakdown of each part of the body. The child can face the hands and feet while feeding, and can touch the baby’s hips while sleeping.


Children should be in a warm environment (20 ℃?
30 ℃), you can play some soft music, you can also talk to your child, sing, pay special attention to eye contact, which helps mother and child relax each other.


Care should be taken to touch the appropriate weight, touch gently, the child does not hurt or itching prevail.

Use fingertips for smaller areas and fingers or palms or palms for larger areas. Touching should be done evenly.

Start with gentle movements and then increase the pressure appropriately. This not only stimulates the sensory nerve endings of the skin, but also stimulates deep receptors.


Touch hands with warm, smooth hands, short nails, no barbs, and no rings to avoid scratching the child’s skin.

You can also pour some baby lotion into the palm of your hand for enhanced lubrication.


Generally, the supine position is used for the touching position, and the child’s head is tilted in the opposite direction to prevent the baby from breathing asphyxia.


Touch area The larger the touch area, the more benign stimuli the baby has, the better.
Attentions During touching, carefully observe the expression of very low-weight children, and adjust the touching method and intensity in time according to the response of the child. If the child cries, increases muscle tone, increases activity excitement, skin changes or vomiting, etc.Touching should stop.

Pause massage when your baby is sick or has a skin infection.