2 strokes to quickly remove acne scars without leaving marks

2 strokes to quickly remove acne scars without leaving marks

Although girls are less prone to acne than boys, monthly aunt visits always cause acne crisis, especially I like to look at the left, squeeze right, and finally leave abominable acne scars.

However, wheat has no such skin wounds now, because I will kill acne and acne scars in the bud state. Do you want to know how wheat eliminates acne and acne scars?

Look down-no.

1How to choose skin care products to eliminate acne scars?

  Only by reducing the condition of acne and choosing the right skin care products can the condition continue to deteriorate: choosing fruit acid products can make keratin metabolism, and clean pores can also reduce sunken scars and smooth them!

Choosing chamomile with anti-inflammation ingredients will make the irritated and acne-prone acne no longer grow up madly . acne-fruit acid product effect: keratin metabolism, by exfoliating to reduce the chance of keratin abnormalities at the opening of pores to prevent acne.

  My favorite: Niostris lactobionic acid emulsion PHA15 100ml / 228 yuan Content: 3% lactobionic acid (lactic acid), 12% gluconic acid (gluconolactone) Product introduction: eight groups of water-based in the moleculeIt has strong water absorption and water retention effects, and has high moisture retention.

Galactose can promote the formation of epithelium, and can improve the ability of skin regeneration and repair.

The anti-oxidant effect of lactone-type gluconic acid can prevent the damage caused by sun exposure.

The three functions of moisturizing, repairing and anti-aging are completed at one time.

  Xiaobian use experience: very moisturizing and easy to push, the taste is a bit sour, Xiaobian is generally used at night with acne, because it is a fruit acid granules, it will have a little tingling sensation at the beginning, but will not lastFor a long time, basically no acne appeared in the morning on the second day. The 100 tests were fulfilled, and the pores on both sides of the nose were significantly smaller.

  Carmel Witch Hazel Pore Refining Serum Red Chamomile, Witch Hazel Effect: Anti-inflammatory, allowing shallow red acne to accelerate dry crusting and peeling, shortening staying longer.

  My favorite: CAMENAE Witch Hazel Pore Refining Serum 30ml / 69 yuan Product introduction: The unique witch hazel extract can penetrate into the skin quickly, fully regulate the skin from the inside out, and balance the skin pH and lipidsIt secretes, purifies pores, repairs damaged skin, effectively regulates dilated pores, significantly condenses thick pores, prevents blackheads and acne, and makes the skin quickly appear delicate, smooth and firm.

  Xiaobian experience: In fact, after the pores become larger, the original “diameter” can be retracted. It is almost very small. In addition to removing blackheads, I will apply a layer of acne water to prevent acneThe pores at the pox become enlarged.

  Black acne scars-various whitening textures: light scars. At this time, the acne scars have no wounds. Use whitening products to make sure that the skin becomes translucent and the scars are lightened.

  Editor’s recommendation: DHC Anti-Acne Whitening Essence 60ml / 168 yuan Product Introduction: DHC Anti-Acne Whitening Essence, at the same time as “combat acne”, can inhibit skin pH disorders, horny hardening and other factors causing acne, and gradually adjustSkin function.

It can be applied to the entire face to condition the skin to a healthy state that is not prone to acne.

Continue to use, free radical acne “tangled up”, and actually feel the skin smooth, soft and bright transformation.

  Concave acne scar-fruit acid effect: tissue regeneration, after slowly stimulating collagen tissue regeneration, with laser or microdermabrasion to smooth the skin.

  Editor’s recommendation: Chanel Medical Beauty 21 Days Fruit Acid Skin Care Essence. 1980 yuan / set. Step 1: Cream + T-site cream 6X4g Step 2: Facial calming dew 50ml.

  MM who sees a doctor seriously is here: If your acne is serious enough to see a doctor for treatment, there may be a conflict between the prescription medication prescribed by the doctor and the product you use. Remember to choose a special acne muscle or consult a doctor to let the acneAcne is not getting worse!


2Eliminate the acne scars that have formed?

  Starting from basic diet, clean and oil control, there is still a chance to make acne and acne scars disappear. ★ Diet: develop good habits to make the skin better and better, health, acne scars are gone, and the skin is smooth and elastic.
  1. Eat light, non-pigmented foods. In addition to not eating fried foods, temporarily avoid soy sauce or soy-colored foods, so that melanin does not enter the mouth, and the light taste is also healthy for the body.

  2, must be sunscreen ultraviolet rays will cause melanin precipitation, but also make the skin lines become obvious, men and women, young and old must do sun protection work, so that melanin does not stay.

  3, drink plenty of water, drinking at least 1500cc a day can make the body replenish water at any time, but also help the body quickly metabolize bad substances.

  4. Go to bed at 11 o’clock at the latest and go to bed early and get up early can increase skin resistance, so your body and spirit are better!

  ★ Cleaning and maintenance: Keep it clean so that the bacteria do not invade the face, the acne does not recur at all, the melanin is no longer specialized in acne, and the acne scars run out.

  1. Do basic maintenance work so that the skin’s water retention and metabolic functions are normal, and it can fully absorb the skin care products to play its role. Pay attention to the maintenance sequence when there is an ointment to avoid absorption and absorption. Select products that can also be used for acne muscles.The effect is doubled.
  The bacteria on the top are driven away. Do n’t forget the hair on the hair. Tie the hair up so that the hair does not stick to your body and cause bacteria to overflow.

  2, pillow cloth 3?
Change the sleeping pillow once every 5 days and the skin of the shell is always in direct contact. Keep the pillow clean to sleep well.