ESPN name reveals Riley’s old man: he is the same as LBJ, not qualified to satirize Zhan Huang_1

ESPN name reveals Riley’s old man: he is the same as LBJ, not qualified to satirize Zhan Huang
北京时间4月22日 ESPN名记布莱恩-温霍斯特报道,近日,迈阿密热火篮球事务总裁帕特-莱利的一句话在媒体中引发轩然大波,在谈到球队今年休赛期的运作When planning, he said: This time there will no longer be a situation where the surface is laughing and secretly acting, pointing at LeBron James who abandoned them last summer.But is he really qualified to blame James for his choice?Riley and James    In fact, if there is a person who can best understand James’s thoughts, it is probably Riley.Because in this circle, when talking about shrewdness and coldness, they are exactly the same.Before becoming a manager, Riley was a prestigious NBA coach. Thanks to the cooperation with the Magic, he led the Lakers to glory as quickly as possible.  After leaving the Lakers, he briefly changed his career and served as a commentary guest on NBC TV.Then he took over the Knicks coach in the 1991-92 season, and led the team to the playoffs for four consecutive years, and successfully reached the 1994 finals.In the summer of 1995, the Knicks provided Riley, who had expired his contract, with a new contract that was the most generous for a coach at the time.But in the end, the god operator turned to the offer from the Heat. The latter not only enjoyed the same benefits, but also provided some club shares and absolute say in basketball-related matters.  Riley’s accidental departure from New York fully demonstrates his ruthless face when facing major decisions, and in his days in Miami, he exhibited similar traits more than once: Alonzo, who was once called the soul of the team by Riley-Mo Ning, who was released to the Nets by him in 2003, just because he felt that this veteran of Shaohua’s absence was difficult to afford a contract with an annual salary of 5 million; another hero who witnessed the team’s glory, Tim-Hardaway, also after the old age, through the way of signing and then changing, was thrown to the Mavericks by Riley at a low price, the price is only a second round of signing.  To this day, Riley hasn’t changed his style of behavior: the veteran Youdunis Haslem, who has been playing for the team since he entered the league, although he hopes to end his career with the Heat, in recent yearsHis name has appeared in countless trade rumors.  On Monday morning, when LeBron saw his 23-year-old new teammate Kyrie Irving scored 30 points in his playoff debutWhen winning, he must be pleased with his decision last summer.Although Dwyane Wade is one of his best friends, he missed 20 games last season due to injury and is 33 years old. For his own future, leaving the Heat and returning to the Cavaliers is obviously a smart.s Choice.  Riley ridiculed James one behind the other, but is this really the case?To figure this out, we need to know the following information: First, James never directly told the Heat that he wanted the team to choose Shabazz Napier, nor did he say anything similar to Napier, even between them in the draftThere was no contact before.  Secondly, until the final defeat of the Finals, James may not have thought of leaving.After all, he and his teammates have already won two championships in a row, and they still have home advantage after playing the first two games of the series.If he successfully defeats the Spurs, he will have the opportunity to create a miracle that Michael Jordan has never achieved-four consecutive championships.  In the end, even if James had the idea of going home, the Cavaliers must have no idea.Because when the free market started, they didn’t even have enough salary space to accommodate the next top-paid player like James.When the Cavaliers signed a five-year extension contract with Irving on July 1, they did not take partner James as one of the remarks.At that time, the Cavaliers’ most optimistic idea was to pursue Gordon Hayward or Chandler Parsons.  Of course, Riley is also ignorant of this. He also specially signed Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger who are suitable for James. When the casino and James officially met, they also believed in it.He will stay–until his final agitation will fail–he said that if he has the heart, he should stay, and the result angered James.  Considering the situation of James at the time and the close relationship between him and Wade, once he made up his mind to leave, he had to do things decisively.So until the last moment, he did not disclose to the Heat personnel, including Wade, only a few words about the decision.  James became James not only because of his physical talent, but also his mind, his character, and determination.Riley once called James the best in history, but in fact he is not it?Therefore, it is really unnecessary for him to make a judgment like this on the other himself in the mirror.(panda)