From the smile, see how heavy your effort is


From the smile, see how heavy your effort is

Smiles can grind our mood. Similarly, if you know smiles, you can see how heavy your mind is.

Let’s do a test and see how heavy your mind is.

  When a child wanted to go to the toilet during class, he raised his hand and said, “Teacher, I want to poop!

The teacher was very angry and said, “You can’t use such vulgar words, you are not allowed to go!”

“But the kid couldn’t hold back, so he raised his hand again and said,” Teacher, my ass wants to vomit! ”

“How do you laugh when you see here?

  A, sneer or sneer B, smile C covering his mouth, mouth wide open, smile undisguised D, want to choke and can’t hold it, and chuckled and laughed out Test result: choose A: you areThere is a mind, no matter using light or dark, you can always freely manipulate others to achieve your goals. You are a powerful character who observes other people all the time.

Cardiac index 90%.

  Choice B: You are the kind of person who would rather be sullen than easy to say, usually closes the heart, but craves others to take the initiative to understand themselves. It ‘s a bit realistic and stubborn.No one can speak.

Cardiac index 70%.

  Choice C: You are a very simple person, because you are very responsible, and you are not likely to change your own ideas because of others. Usually you are divorced, either very good or very bad, because you are a person who can be evil, Difficult to deal with nasty people.

Cardiac index 40%.

  Choice D: You are a kind-hearted person. When someone else is in trouble, you can share your concerns without regret, but you are the one who most often violates your self-needs. The psychic index is 60%. You may often sacrifice for others.Yourself.